Esports Teams

Hive XB, XB
Team Spirit XB, XB
Ninjas in Pyjamas SE, SE
Vega Squadron EU, EU
Team Empire Hope XB, XB
Elements Pro Gaming RU, RU
Alliance SE, SE
CDEC Gaming CN, CN
iG Vitality CN, CN
Winning Gaming CN, CN
Keen Gaming.Luminous CN, CN
DeathBringer Gaming CN, CN
Eclipse CN, CN
IamPoint Club CN, CN
Royal CN, CN

Esports Teams Overview

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The site provides an updated list of top esports teams in disciplines such as Overwatch, Dota2, CSGO, and League of Legends. Here you will find complete information on any team you are interested in, match schedule, win rate, or recent earnings. Our site is the best and most convenient way to follow players’ professional careers from popular esports teams.